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ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)-CRM

ERP is a buzzword stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In today’s world of competition, ERP stands for a integrated solutions which covers Finance, Materials Management, Sales and Production Planning. ERP covers all functions of business and one view of data is available across the organisation.

 Today two types of ERP are available  Small ERP which takes care of specific need of industry and Full fledged ERP. Full fledged ERP’s has more covers functionalities for all industry and has add-on specific module for industry needs. ERP has functionalities of business covering the basic core modules like Finance, Materials Management, Sales and Production Planning and covers all functionalities like order to cash, procure to pay etc. Apart from core modules, specific functionalities add on are available for budgeting, cash flow, available to promise. Most ERP has functionalities of modern technology like Bar Coding, RFID and incorporates industry best practices like JIT, KANBAN etc

JMVSoft team adopts the SAP ASAP Methodology

ERP’s goes beyond the company boundary and integrates with supplier and customers. On the one hand, ERP offer forward integration with Customer Relationship Management and on the other hand it integrates with Supplier Relationship Management.

 Integrating Supplier with Network collaboration, Self Service and Life cycle Management benefits the organisation by better availability of stock, reduced cost by adopting techniques like Just in Time and loyalty of Suppliers. Vendors collaborate with the company for development of new products and services which help companies in reducing time to market.

 Retaining and attracting customer’s is a very difficult task in today’s world of global competition. Most CRM provide functionalities like catalogue, self service and integration with SMS and Mobile apps. Integration of SMS and Mobile apps attract customers for new product offerings and access the CRM for order placement, order tracking etc.

 JMVSoft team has a worked in different industries like Steel, vegetables, Automobile, Tyres and Utilities. Team has rich experience of development and implementation of ERP. Team has a rich experience of implementation standard ERP like SAP with 3 large implementations of modules like FICO, Material Management, Production Planning, Advance Planning Optimiser, Sales & Distribution, Project Systems, Plant Maintenance, Human Resource, Employee Self Service, Business Warehouse, Business Object, Governance Risk Compliance, SAP IS-U, Enterprise Portal, Process Integration, Supplier Relationship Management.

JMVSoft team supports for both SAP R3 and SAP B1 implementations.

If you have any requirement for ERP implementation, please contact us today.