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Data Base

Database management services from JMVSoft enable enterprises to ensure support and continuity to the most business-critical, voluminous and complex applications. Being a managed service, enterprises can save enormous costs while still ensuring SLA compliance and business uptime. Our teams have experience of managing large enterprises databases like Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL server for SAP and non-SAP environment. Our team has expertise in installation and maintenance of Oracle Real Application Clusters for high availability of Database and application.

From database administration, design, planning, setup and installations, backups/restoration and database upgrades, we provide expert remote DBA support 24X7 and proactive monitoring of mission-critical DB sizing to very large setup. Our consultative approach enables us to define goals, strategize on implementation and perform business analytics on enterprise data.


• No need to hire, train or retain Database staff
• Help you stay focused on your core competencies
• Costs reduction with predictable support costs and improved operational efficiencies
• Improved reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure
• Quality monitoring to boost system availability and capacity

Our Database Management Services are listed below:

Database Administration

Our managed services model minimizes complexity of information systems and maximizes the business value from database investments. Our teams ensure efficient monitoring and maintenance of business-critical databases by way of standardized rules engines, streamlined processes and execution of routine tasks like upgrades, performance tuning, ETL, migration, etc.

Backup and Recovery

Our team suggest backup and recovery plans suited for the organisation. Our backup and recovery services come with the best practices of developing and implementing backup and recovery plans for an enterprise environment suited for Database. Our teams have hands-on experience working with storage and archival applications.

Disaster Recovery And High Availability

Our team has expertise in designing Disaster Recovery site and ensure availability of application with agreed Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective.

Data base security

Our teams follow the six-step security in order to effectively monitor, implement, audit and document and database environment – Data encryption, authentication methods, authorization, access restrictions, security policies and auditing. By adhering to security policies and standards of the enterprise, we ensure downtime is minimized and integrity of the organization is protected.

Performance monitoring and enhancement

Being a managed service with dedicated teams, we ensure optimized performance of business critical databases 24X7. For enterprises, this translates into predictable performance at all times and improved end-user productivity. Our team suggest performance improvement methods.

Patch Management

Our service enrich data consumption by constantly managing patches as and when the rollout. We ensure implementation of patch after testing on test server.